mercredi 5 septembre 2018

Xacara Azores 
The fish are finally here in the Azores.
Brooks Kelm caught a 500 pounder on the Andrew Moyes medium pipe bomb and we missed anotherone today. Nola caught a 500 and a 350. Yesterday Brasilia caught a 500 and a 200 . The day before we missed 2 and nola caught 2... They are catching them in ponta delgada as well so it looks like a solid body of fish.Fotos by Heather

lundi 3 septembre 2018

Azores things starting to look better, today we went 2 for 2, 500 and a 600 lbs, both of them went for a Beasten Lure.
Fishing on boat Nola together with captain Ian Carter and the client Simon . Good times!
Xacara also had 2 blues that jumped off, so there is at least some fish around! Let's see what more September can offer us!!! Stay tuned!

Congrats to Jason, today Brasilia 2/2 fishing Condor bank,Horta Azores.