samedi 7 février 2015

Dear friends anglers,

we are very happy to proposed a very nice new destination. After Horta Azores, we are ready now for La Gomera Canary island with a very nice boat Jersey cape 36 , named  "Nell magic". 
After a very nice season 2014 with a lot of big marlins released, San Sebastian  la Gomera is really a top destination with best weather and calm sea.
Nell magic is a carolina custom US boat powered with 2 Cummins 6CTA 400hp, Murray Bros'chair,one piece riggers Rupp, this boat is a proven fish raiser.Standard tackle, 30 to 130lbs, Pat Brian Rods and Shimano.
The season there starts in April to september with tunas and blue marlins in number.
April, may and june ,I will have chance to drive this fantastic boat before to go to Azores and in July and august , that's captain Matthias Henningsen who has the pleisure to drive the boat after his season in Cape Verde.
For the first fishing time in la Gomera , we can proposed a nice price 600€ half day and 1000€ for full day. We can add a 10% discount for  a minimum of 7 days booked.
La Gomera is really a small natural paradise for big marlin fishing.
We are waiting for you.

Fo contact, this is my mail:

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