lundi 13 juillet 2015

Report of the 25 june 2015. La Gomera.
------------------------------------------------------------Today will be a memory day.
Just arriving on the fishing area, its with a blue about 400lbs hook up , the fish came 7 times and try all the lures and teasers. finally hook up, unfortunately we pull the hook just 1 meter before the leader.Two hours later, a monster blue takes the short Bonze Vulcano and after a fight more then 1 hours and half time full drag, Claudia released her first blue ,a biggy estimated at 900lbs. Super fight. We finished the day by a hook up but pull the hook after some meters. Congrats Claudia and Raph very nice fish.
Around 7 blues released today in San Sebastian waters.
 — avec Claudia Beutler.

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